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We believe that dreams were made to be fulfilled. With over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry across Europe, we know that as ambitious as any project may be, we have the knowledge and the abilities to make it come true with the devoted hands of visionary experts in developing and constructing both commercial and residential projects.

With over 1,000,000 M² across Europe completed successfully & a team with a combined experience of 250 years we are committed to continue developing unique properties with passion and devotion. 


  • Status: Completed & sold

When we started working on this project we immediately decided to use the original essence of this 32,000 M2 property of an old abandoned hospital, and create a peaceful place where both body and soul can be taking care of. The result – a luxurious and unique apartment complex in the living heart of Charlottenburg – Berlin.

  • Status: Completed & sold

Imagine living in a 30,000 M2 of a historical building, renovated and transformed into a mesmerizing living complex featuring 170 designed lofts, giving you the chance to enjoy a posh & up-to-date lifestyle in the very heart of Berlin city center.

  • Status: Permitting
  • Land: 160,000 M²
  • Potential: 250,000 M²

The first of its kind green & sustainable village in the heart of Charlottenburg – Berlin. Its 160,000 M2 of land will offer a unique and innovative co-living and co-working village, providing residential solutions, high standards workspaces and rich social life. 

  • Status: Construction
  • Land: 40,750 M²
  • Potential: 100,000 M²

This historical 112 years old brewery is one of the pride jewels in HCM future projects. The 40,750 M2 property is well known for its street art collection and considered a must-see destination for both locals and tourists. Planned to be a  mixed-use of living, working, shopping and socializing, soon to be one of the trendiest locations in Europe.

  • Status: phase 1 completed & rented
  • Land: 41,700 M²
  • Potential: 100,000 M²

Located in the trendy district of Neukölln in East Berlin, 41,700 M2 plot of extraordinary public residential solutions together with community spaces, education buildings, and offices. The property has already been leased to BIM- the government real estate company for next 10 years.

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  • Status: Planning
  • Land: 2,400 M²
  • Potential: 9,500 M²

When we saw this amazing property located in the heart of the trendy district 7 in Budapest, it was crystal clear that is destined to become an elegant-posh hotel offers 250 rooms of luxury and style.  soon will be the next desirable hotel in Budapest.

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  • Status: Planning
  • Land: 3,000 M²
  • Potential: 15,000 M²

Everybody knows that students are often being forced to compromise when it comes to their residential lifestyle.  We decided to step up to the challenge and create suitable living solutions, especially for students. This amazing  property in Budapest city center will soon offer 320 diverse housing solutions that will make student life an experience to remember.



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With this property, the sky is the limit. We asked leading architects teams to create their vision for the land. The results are different points of views. Stunning and innovative.

Bärenquell Brauerei

We are developing a unique compound for festivals and global events in addition to a mixed-use of living, working, shopping and socializing, soon to be one of the trendiest locations in Europe.


100,000 M2 of extraordinary public residential & commercial solutions together with community spaces, education facilities, hotel and offices.